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  • Design And Manufacture Of Roller

    Design And Manufacture Of Roller

    Great Roll-Forming Machinery Co.,Ltd. has many years of experience in the industry with cold-formed design and manufacturing engineers.The use of professional design software and the integration of CAD/CAM processing technology,product technology is guaranteed.

  • Roll Form – Roller Stands

    Roll Form – Roller Stands

    GRF provide Roller Stands that part of Roll forming tooling to customer.Roller Stands work for installation bracket of roller and roller shaft, that needs to provide good strength and precision for roller work, ensure roller stability.According to different size roller and roller specifications, GRF matches different specifications of strands to customers.It adopts integral casting and high precision five axis machining to ensure structural strength and dimensional accuracy

  • Roll Form – Roller shaft

    Roll Form – Roller shaft

    GRF provide Roller shaft that part of Roll forming tooling to customer.Roller shaft was important parts of Roll forming tooling, that work for locate roller and transmission rotary drive between reducer and rollers.