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  • High strength steel automobile cold bending profile

    High strength steel automobile cold bending profile

    With the development of automotive industry, the market development of automotive cold bending profile forming machine is driven one after another. Fuel economy, low carbon emission and higher safety put forward new requirements and challenges for automotive body lightweight, and promoted the ste...
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  • How to improve drilling accuracy

    How to improve drilling accuracy

    1. Basic concept of drilling Generally speaking, drilling refers to a kind of processing method that the drill bit is used to process holes on the product indications. Generally speaking, when drilling the product on the drilling machine, the drill bit should complete two movements simultaneously...
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  • Mechanical equipment assembly manua

    Mechanical equipment assembly manua

    (1) Operation data: including general assembly drawing, component assembly drawing, part drawing, material BOM, etc. until the end of the project, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the drawing, neatness and process information record. (2) Workplace: parts placement and assembly must be c...
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  • The Selection of Cutting Fluid

    The Selection of Cutting Fluid

    1. General steps of cutting fluid selection The selection of cutting fluid shall be determined by the comprehensive factors, such as the machine, cutting tool, and processing technology etc. Choosing the cutting fluid according to process method and cutting accuracy, there are limiting items like...
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