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Roll Forming Line Maintenance

1. Maintenance purpose
To ensure the normal operation of the machine, meet the production requirements, make the machine in good conditions, and meet the standard of cleanliness and safety.

2. Maintenance requirements
2.1 Daily maintenance
Before using, operator shall check the whole machine first. And operate the machine strictly according to the operation specification. Handle the problems if found. Clean the machine and add oil to it after using, which usually done by the operator.
2.2 Overall maintenance
The overall maintenance of the machine includes overall dust removal and oil injection to the shaft, which are determined by the daily production and overall maintenance frequency, and the oil check and change in hydraulic cutting station. Since the maintenance is difficult, it usually needs the cooperation of the operator and experienced personnel.

3. Maintenance content
3.1 Daily maintenance
3.1.1 Keep the machine no dust or oil dirt, and the instrument clean, readings clear, and the labels on the control cabinet accurate and clear.
3.1.2 Check whether the tightening device of the uncoiler is normal.
3.1.3 Clean the roll forming machine, no sundries could be on it.
3.1.4 Check whether the operation of reducer and gearbox is normal, oil amount moderate, and add oil if needs.
3.1.5 Check whether the connection of the universal shaft is reliable, no scar and stable operation.
3.1.6 Hydraulic oil pump: check whether the operation of the oil pump is normal, and the hydraulic oil amount meet the using requirements, and no leaking on every sealing.
3.1.7 Hydraulic oil cylinder: everytime the oil cylinder works, it will trial operate with full circle for 5 strokes and then operates with load. The trial operation can discharge the air in the system, and preheat every system, avoiding the air explosion and burning in the cylinder which will damage the sealing elements and cause inner leaking. Control the system temperature, high oil temperature will reduce the service life of the sealing elements. High oil temperature for long time will lead the sealing elements permanent deformation, even conpletely failure.
3.1.8 Before starting, carefully check whether the motor, switch, wiring and earthing are normal and firm. Check whether there are exposed wires, and check whether the buttons are abnormal.
3.1.9 Check the operations of the air piping, air cylinder and solenoid valve.
3.1.10 Start on for trial operation, check whether the frequency converter is normal.

3.2 Regular maintenance
3.2.1 The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system should be changed every 6 months, and clean the filter of the system, to ensure the cleanliness, and extend the service life.
3.2.2 Change the lubricant for gearbox every 6 months.
3.2.3 Fasten the circuits every month, and check the buttons whether they are firm.

Post time: Aug-19-2020