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Shanghai Great Roll-Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.

Domestic professional cold bending industry suppliers

According to customer requirements, design and manufacture of high precision cold bending forming die(including stamping die)

The production line of automobile anti-collision beam, bumper, the threshold of high strength steel rolling

Car door and window frame, column plate rolling production line. Car water cut, trim roll, metal plastic composite production line

Slide rail and various production line car door. Straight line(circular arc)3D servo tracking and cutting machine

Two dimensional, three dimensional bending(bending)machine and bending die

High precision roll forming die (including punching die)

High Strength Steel Production Lines for Automobile Bumper, bumper Bar and Door sill Rolling

Automobile Decorative Bar Rolling and Metal-Plastic Composite Production Line

Production line of sliding rail and glass guide for car doors

Linear/Arc/Three-Dimensional Servo Tracking Cutter

Two-Dimensional/Three-Dimensional Bending Machine and Bending Die